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Quality and hands-on training in realistic conditions

In times of increasing cost pressure, investments in well qualified employees form an important basis for a company’s competitiveness. Avoiding absence times, determining the optimal time for maintenance activities, identifying and eliminating causes of error – well trained personnel offers an enormous savings potential for your company.
Since 2003, the Knust Group has successfully provided training, consultation services and support to customers in questions concerning the wide field of machine elements.
As one of the leading distributors of technical products for power transmission applications in Germany we offer our expertise in maintenance training in nearly all sectors of industry. We set great store by teaching the theoretical foundations and customising our courses as much as possible to our customers’ requirements. That is why practical exercises form a very important part of our training courses.
The following pages provide an overview of our current range of training courses. Moreover, we offer you training courses that are customised to your requirements and can of course be held at your premises.
We offer you
  • Our high level of product competence
  • Contents that are customised to field conditions
  • Direct benefit for your daily work
  • Experienced and highly qualified trainers
  • Training centres in various parts of Germany

Overview of our current training courses..

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses soon.