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Corporate Principles




[ 01 ] We regard the future as a challenge to us all and shape it with a positive attitude towards people and the environment.

[ 02 ] We regard the constantly changing market as an opportunity, aiming to fulfil our customers’ wishes and needs. This we feel is the ideal basis for a long-term partnership. We apply our professional expertise, dedication, flexibility and innovative power to offer our customers the best system and product solutions as well as the best services.

[ 03 ] In the medium term, profits ensure our company’s expansion, investments in our future as well as the fulfilment of our obligations towards our employees, shareholders, partners and the environment. Transparency, respect and fair cooperation form the basis of our success and satisfaction in the achievement of mutual goals.

[ 04 ] The Knust company management undertakes to exemplify the quality and environmental specifications outlined in DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 and train our personnel regularly in them. Moreover, we further our employees’ personal development, initiative, motivation and sense of responsibility, letting them do what they do best.

[ 05 ] We are constantly taking measures to optimise the quality of our services and reduce factors that have an impact on the environment. The means and resources that are needed to achieve our quality goals and environmental policy are provided in a suitable manner and in good time.

[ 06 ] Each of our employees is responsible for the quality of their own work and for complying with our company’s procedural instructions. Our well-organized procurement system ensures that all ordered goods are delivered on time.

[ 07 ] We set great store by cultivating long-term relations with our suppliers in a spirit of partnership. We expect them to be reliable, flexible, motivated and innovative.

[ 08 ] We undertake to supply the products we sell in accordance with the specifications stated in our customers’ orders, engineering specifications, catalogue data or other agreements with our customers. We are constantly optimising the quality of deliveries for each of our company locations compared with the previous year. Self-critical analyses are carried out to further increase our customers’ satisfaction.

[ 09 ] We have committed ourselves to fair competition and are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

[ 10 ] We cultivate a moderate, open and competent public presence, informing all our employees and interested circles in detail about our company’s quality goals and environmental policy on the internet and intranet.