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The Knust Group® can help you to tap your full logistic savings potential:


Maintenance Service

Knust Academy

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Technical consultation and  engineering services
  • Repair, processing, finishing
  • Training
  • Basic rolling bearing courses
  • Maintenance courses
  • Customised training courses
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C-Parts Management

  • We generate electronic catalogues, certified by BMEnet GmbH
  • We classify catalogue data (eClasses 4.0 | 4.1 | 5.0 | 5.1)
  • Electronic data can be transferred via Edifact | FTP | eMail | Webservices
  • You can procure the products you need through virtual marketplaces and SAP® Enterprise Buyer Professional
  • Your inventory management system can be linked up via OCI® interface
  • We can streamline the range of items you need
  • We can optimise and reduce your inventory management system
  • We can help you to consolidate your supplier base by supplying secondary materials
  • We provide logistic services
  • Kanban deliveries
  • Our personnel can manage your storeroom/warehouse for you
  • We can optimise your storeroom or warehouse equipment for you


 24 Hour Service

  • Real-time information
    on price and availability
  • User administration – you can specify budgets for your purchasing agents
  • Cost centre administration
  • Lists of favourites etc.