Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service



The Knust Group®, your full-service provider in the distribution of technical products, offers a multitude of technical services in the fields of:

1. Condition Monitoring Condition-based maintenance is becoming more and more important in order to avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

Vibration measurements enable users to monitor and check not only the condition of individual machine elements but also the general condition of a machine. When measurements with special data collectors and an analysis software are carried out, you will receive detailed reports on the condition of your machines. Based on these reports, you will also receive recommendations on how to achieve a high machine efficiency.
  • Technical consultation zur Optimierung - how you can optimise your maintenance strategy, choose the best monitoring methods and devices and specify the optimal monitoring intervals.
  • On-site support - installation, commissioning and servicing of monitoring systems, periodical monitoring of your machines and plants.
  • Maintenance and repair, balancing of components and subassemblies, alignment of shafts and belt drives.
  • Training courses in which your employees learn to carry out the measurements and evaluate the measuring results without help.

You can buy, rent or lease the necessary technical equipment from us. Our experts will be happy to show you how to use it.

2. Technical Consultation and Engineering Services If one of your machines is damaged or not working as it should, you have to determine the cause.

Our engineers and experts can support you in carrying out a machine analysis. After the analysis, you will receive a report which also includes suggestions on how to solve the problem.

Technical advice to support you in carrying out revisions & recommissionings, in solving technical problems and in the identification & elimination of the causes of malfunctions.

Analysis using the latest methods and procedures
  • Designing of bearings to DIN ISO 281
  • Damage pattern analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Material and structural analysis
  • Endoscopy
  • Thermography

3. Repair, Processing, Finishing After providing technical advice, analyses and specific suggestions on how to solve a problem, we can help you in other ways as well:
  • We repair rolling bearings
  • We cut shafts and mounting rails to the required size
  • We coat rolls, shafts and support rollers
  • We drill holes and cut grooves into couplings, pulleys, chain wheels, etc.
  • We cut drive chains to the required size
  • We calibrate measuring instruments

4. Training The basis for the Knust Academy courses is quality and usability in practice. In times of increasing cost pressure, an investment in well qualified employees forms an important basis for a company’s competitiveness. Avoiding absence times, determining the optimal time for maintenance activities, identifying and eliminating causes of error – well trained personnel offers an enormous savings potential for your company.

We invite you to benefit from the many advantages offered by our training courses - our high level of product competence, the customised contents, the direct benefit for your daily work, our experienced and highly qualified trainers and a number of training sites.

The Knust Academy courses are designed to enable participants to put their newly acquired knowledge to practical use. So we can tailor them to your specific requirements.

We can support you in developing your individual maintenance strategy and in the training and advanced training of your personnel.